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Text for Page 225 [09-09-1860]

	News of my Louisianian Friends.
getting quite friendly again.     I may have mis-
judged or over-estimated his cooling towards me.
  Billington came to see me on Saturday, having
returned from the country.   Looks thinner.
  10.  Monday.  To Gurney�s, then to office.    Off
to Studio building to get Items about artists.   Saw
Launt Thompson, sculptor, talked with him and
others, then to Dodsworth�s, twice, finally succeed-
ing in finding Rondel and Pope.      The latter, re-
turned from the south, reports the re-marriage
of Oliver Kellam�s young widow.  Maurice Keene
is married and I think Keene Richards� wife
is dead.    To a couple of picture galleries, one
of them Nichols� where I found Hillard (Frank)
Rondel and Pope being with me.   Down town
after dinner to trade-sale, to W. Leslie�s and
to World Office.  In the one below where I went to
get my first weeks� pay, found young McElrath,
whilome my companion on Lake Superior.    Wri-
ting all the evening.            Boweryem went to Ford-
ham yesterday, after dinner, finding Lotty
entertaining two coarse young men besides Hill
and Brentnall, one of whom (the former) broach-
ed an obscene double entendre over the dinner-table,
which was welcomed by all but Lotty and Bowery-
em.       All except Hill walked to the creek to
see Boweryem and his companion off.   The latter               
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