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Text for Page 226 [09-10-1860]

        Lotty �mad� at me.     O�Brien drunk.
young Englishman of the too-civil by half order,
who knew Lotty at 14th street, and who boards
here just now.      We have a great many new
faces, and some old ones have disappeared.   Ho-
nest Miss Trainque leaves to-day.          Lotty
told Boweryem she was �mad at me� � beause
I didn�t espouse her cause against Kinnie!    She
may let her madness develop itself in foaming at
the mouth before I play bully to her queenship.   I
don�t care further for her acquaintance; shall
probably hear as much as I want, without the
bother of it, from Boweryem.  He�ll go.
  Another O�Brienism.   He sold a poem to the
Harper�s last week and immediately gave a din-
ner on the proceeds, turning up on Friday night
or rather Saturday morning in Shepherd�s room,
when he must needs have �Daisy� out to supper.
Subsequently he bought large quantities of fruit
and lay in wait in the street, during the row,
chill day-down, for an early milkman, to get
Shepherd�s ewer filled, that he might compound
milk-punch.    This he only succeeded in doing
after divers failures, in consequence of his curd-
ling the milk by squeezing lemons into it.  Finally
he went to sleep on the sofa and there lay till
noon.      Our landlady complains that the cham-
bermaid can�t get into the room to make the               
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