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Text for Page 229 [09-12-1860]

           Reportorial and Miscellaneous.
the latter of whom has lost all his former
good-looks and is now very Chatham-Steety
in appearance.   To the World Office, there wri-
ting till 8, in a horribly nervous and miserable
condition, then into car to Houston Street where
I dined and presently to bed, feeling as ill as
though I had a high nervous fever and as tired
as if I had been traveling without pause, for
a week.                   Waud mentioned Powell�s
having chronicled Bellew�s departure in F. Les-
lie�s paper, adding that he had gone to take
command of a regiment of Irish militia!
  13.  Thursday.  To an auctioneer of rare books,
with Boweryem, then hither and thither, then
down town.    Returning met Mort Thomson and
Ottarson.           Went to Mrs Murray, once my
washerwoman, whom I encountered in the street
some days ago and who called upon me soliciting
me to write a letter for her.     I found her daugh-
ter, a child whom I used to kiss and give pen-
nies to, six years ago, grown into a pretty, sober
faced girl of fifteen.         The letter was to solicit
her husband�s pardon, the man having been con-
demned to six month�s imprisonment and stop-
page of pay, on charge of desertion from the
army, out west.          In the afternoon, again to
Jones Wood, to see Blondin.   Here�s my account               
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