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Text for Page 232 [09-14-1860]

	   At 745.     Miscellaneous.
the white-bearded author of �Hot Corn� got into
the cars and talked to Mort, on our down town
trip, on Wednesday.      To 745, saw the three
girls, got opera-tickets and left others for bal-
loon ascension on Saturday, stood chatting and
laughing awhile in the passage.      Then more
calls on schools, then to dinner.         By 5, to
the Book-trade and Numismatic sales, back
to supper, wrote reports, gave Boweryem opera
tickets, sent off reports and by 8 to 745 a-
gain.      A quiet, pleasantish evening, inconceivably
so to me after my late rushing hither and thi-
ther.    The girls all sat and worked round the
table, I among them, between Matty and Sally,
opposite to Parton�s mother and Eliza.  Miss Ann
came in presently, and Jack.           Paterfamilias
is at Grafton again.        Haney didn�t show,
being at Jim�s as might have been conjectured.
  15.  Saturday.  Office.     Writing there till
near 12, then off duty.   Called at F. Leslie�s,
saw him and J.A. Wood, at Nic-nax, of-
fice, saw Larrison, at Haney�s, Paul�s and
more.       Meeting Hitchcock at the portal of
Crook and Duff�s he must fain take me in
to see Alf Waud, sitting at the counter, with a
row of men, lunching, Sol Eytinge on one side
of him.      His greeting was not so bearish as               
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