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Text for Page 233 [09-15-1860]

	An abortive Balloon Ascent.
usual, he said he was too busy to call on me
and that he was �getting rich,� showing a rent
under his coat-sleeve in ironic corroboration �
from whence I infer that he is malcontent with
the Ill. News payments, as well as with all the
rest of the world.     His �wife� and family are
in Brooklyn, Mrs Jewell still in New Jersey.
Up-town.   By 4 P.M. to Jones� Wood again.
Arrived just as an accident had rendered the
proposed ascent abortive.   In inflating the
balloon with smoke, burnt straw was used, and
one of the articles � an old spirit cask-took fired, 
so to prevent the ignition of the balloon somebody
threw a pail of water over the lower portion of
it, when the wind rent it into tatters.        It was
constructed of brown Manilla paper, with verti-
cal strips of calico or linen, binding the sheets
together.    I found little Coppia the aeronaut,
a short, hook nosed, plump, black-haired French-
man in a state of annoyance and perspiration
about it.    The balloon hung from Blondin�s
rope, like a prodigious collapsed gooseberry and
seemed in danger of total destruction by the wind.
Was addressed by Woodward and rode back
to town in company with him and Mort Thomson.
  Down town to the World Office in the evening to
see Marble, but the editorial rooms were deserted               
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