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Text for Page 234 [09-15-1860]

         Boweryem �headed off� by Lotty.
and he hadn�t been there all day.     Up by car
and to 745.    Haney there, Matty, Eliza
Ann, Jack and Mrs. Parton.       Sally, upstairs
with her mother, making a dress for herself,
didn�t show all the evening, which was, not
entirely in consequence of it, rather a slow one.
  16.  Sunday.  Chores and balloon-paragraph
for the �World.�  To the office with it in the after
noon, then by 8th Avenue car to Frank Hillard�s,
where I stayed till near 8, then to Chapin�s.
Met Billington and Webb, of the Times on coming
out.    To 745.    Haney and young Mort Brown
there, and the family, inclusive of Miss Ann.  The
former left sooner than usual, pleading fatigue.
He had been to Newark, visiting old Hinckley the
engraver who is seriously ill.        Stayed till 11,
talking to Sally, and took young Brown home
with me for half an hour.               Up to yes-
terday evening, Boweryem meditated going
of to Fordham, to accept Lotty�s hospitality
for the night and morrow.  (He is rather prone
to favor folk with his company, never supposing
that he can be unwelcome anywhere.)  But at
suppertime, there comes a note, brought earlier in
the day by Brentnall, asking him to postpone
his visit, as Lotty has Southern friends stop-
ing with her, and �the accommodations of her               
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