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Text for Page 235 [09-16-1860]

            Welden�s talk about Seymour.
cottage are but limited.�  She don�t suppose her
friends will stay over a couple of weeks, when
&c &c.       The note concluded with regards to
me.   Boweryem was rather chapfallen, his dig-
nity upset � albeit his general �cockyness� has
brought him similar rebuffs heretofore, from his
own talk.    He criticized the spelling, which was �
Lotty�s!       I find she knows Gayler: she
commissioned Boweryem to get a M.S. play
of her husband�s from him, which the burly bio-
grapher of Hicks �the pirate� had undertaken 
to correct.
  17.  Monday.  Office.   Up-town to report
opening of Medical College, met Frank Hillard
on my way.         After dinner down-town again, there
had to loaf till 5, during which time I met
Welden, outside of Crook and Duff�s.   He is
now theatrical critic on the Times �during Mr Sey-
mour�s absence� � which absence may be protract-
ted for ever and a day, according to Welden�s 
report.  He says that there have been many inqui-
ries after him, that he owes a great deal of
borrowed money and lastly that he went off
in debt to and with the wife of the German, his
partner in the publication of �Our Musical Friend.�
They made money by the thing.     Seymour alias
Bailey, sailed for Hamburg.                Does dishonesty               
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