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Text for Page 236 [09-17-1860]

	    A great Political Meeting
run in families? when he encounters Cahill,
which cousin shall be entitled to cast a stone at the
other?           At 5, to report the proceedings of the
Board of Aldermen.       There, sleek, stout and
curly-bearded, in office and reading aloud the minu-
tes, I found Morford, whom I once knew as a wri-
ter of $3 stories on the �Picayune,� anon as tempo-
rary hack to Scoville, more recently as editor of
the �Leader� and poet.    He seemed a jolly, pleasant
fellow and I�m glad of his prosperity.              Back
to the office with report.       By 9 turned out to
attend the �Union� meeting, again at the Cooper
Institude.    Calcium lights, belching cannon, tar-
barrels blazing, stands for speaking, a crowd 
and a procession with bells, lanterns and uniforms.
Met Nagle and John Pyne there, both of whom
are of the party, the former, I think, a pro-
fessional politician.     In Broadway, on the
steps of 745, saw Mrs. Edwards, Miss Anne,
Jack and Matty, looking at the procession.   Mat-
ty asked �if I had been to the opera�?  Down-town
to the office by 10 � and there, up the weary
stairs into the hot reporter�s room, where I
wrote, in misery till 1 A.M. then out into the
night and into the cars, dog-tired, ill and
  18.  Tuesday.  Office by omnibus.     To the               
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