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Text for Page 237 [09-18-1860]

	Reportorial and Miscellaneous.
Catholic church in 16th street, there to report
the funeral of the Chilian minister.     Then to
Bleecker Street for an hour�s sleep, which I need-
ed horribly.     Down town after dinner, and up
again to the N.Y. University and to 4th street
near the North river, to find out astronomer�s
and get particulars about newly-discovered planet.
By 6, to Bleecker Street, being, thank God! off
duty for the evening.            As I write now I feel
very tired and �� am going to bed.             Little
Miss Maguire was at supper with us, this evening.
  19.  Wednesday.  At the office, paragraphing
&c, till noon, then off duty till the evening.    Up
town, left opera-tickets at 745, with Sally.      Her
sisters were in the store, she herself half-enga-
ged with a customer.      A letter from Morris.
Nothing particular in it.       He stays till No-
vember, has met Hitchings, who has �shaved
off all his vast beard save the moustache.�
  Chores and writing letter for Mrs Murray.   In
the evening to the Meeting of the Academy of Mede-
cine at the University building.        At 10 � it closed
and I went down-town by 3rd Avenue car to the
office, wrote out my report and returned at mid-
night � this time not nervous, but in good spirits.
  20.  Thursday.  To Mrs Murray�s with letter
and book for little Mary.  To Office,  there para-               
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