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Text for Page 238 [09-20-1860]

	        Midnight Musings.
graphing till noon, there to book-trade sale rooms,
saw Orton and got items.        Then to Bleecker
Street and dinner.    Writing article about trade
sale during the afternoon and making a draw-
ing on wood for �Nick-nax� in the evening.  It
is a dismal wet one, as I sit writing now,
rather lonely in my attic.  Boweryem and Shep-
herd are at the opera; I have but a limited
liking for it, or I should have gone myself.  I
had thought of going to Edwards� but sitting
talking on the sofa with Sally, the other
girls imperfectly conversable, and Haney, it
may be suspecting me, is an alloyed pleasure.
How I have liked these sisters and how
much or how little they care for it!   Talk-
ing with Sally, too, stirs up thoughts about
Hannah.        I wonder if this lonely life of
mine ever will terminate?     I used to do
the same, eight years ago.                 This
room ought to be ghostly with reminiscences,
when I recall the faces I have known in it.
Levison, Haney, Clapp, O�Brien, Arnold,
Cahill, Bob Gun, Ledger and how many
beside!  I�d like an hour of Cahill�s company
now.    I thought of him ten minutes agone
when I put my head out of the window and
looked up at the wet, dreary clouds.  Foolish               
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