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Text for Page 239 [09-20-1860]

	  Blondin�s Performances.
Cahill! wherever you are I hope its not
very hard with you.    You were kind to me
when I was nervous and miserable and I
don�t forget it.                    It is raining heavily.
  21.  Friday.  Bowman back from seven
weeks roughing it in Canada.  Office, para-
graphing &c.       At 12 to report a primary school
meeting in the 3rd ward; an hour listening to
the children at their exercises.  Back to office;
did report, then up town to dinner.    Larason
came after, as appointed; with him first to
his residence, where I saw his wife, baby and
Mrs Levison; then to Jones� Wood to witness
Blondin�s second New York performance.  The
taller pole had been lowered about twenty feet
and the rope drawn taut, hence he was enabled
to proceed this time, the entire distance.  This
he did bareheaded, diversifying his progress by
standing on his head, suspending himself head down-
wards, by one arm &c.        On reaching the farther
pole he rested for ten minutes, then blindfolded
himself with a scarf or white handkerchief, then
put over his head and body a sack, reaching
to his knees, with holes made for his arms,
and thus accoutred set out on his return,
which he accomplished in safety in twenty
minutes.         Woodward was on the ground               
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