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Text for Page 240 [09-21-1860]

	          Eliza inquisitive.
again and other men whom I knew, plenty
of them.     The prince of Wales gave Blondin
�60 for his Niagara performance, which
didn�t at all satisfy the Frenchman�s expecta-
tions � he spoke contemptuously of it to me.  Af-
ter champagne with him and others, Larason
and I returned to the city, he leaving me at
8th street.    At Astor Place on my way to 745
I met Matty and Eliza and fulfilled my object
by giving the opera-tickets to the former.   Sup-
ped, wrote Blondin report, sent it down town
by the 3rd Avenue car, then to 745.   Sally
and Eliza entertaining young Rees and 
Welles.    Stayed till 11, talking mostly with
Eliza, who sang.         Mr Edwards is back
from Grafton, Haney gone this day to Bos-
ton, so reports Mr E.        Miss Anne came
home, and just as I left, Matty and Jack, 
from the opera.         Talking with Eliza on
the charge of �Americanism,� quoth she �I know
which of us you like best and it isn�t Me.�
And she was inquisitive to know my estimate
of her face!
  22.  Saturday.  Did up operatice for Cou-
rier, then down-town.    In the editorial room
at Stedman�s request, doing Mail-editor, that
is looking through innumerable exchances and               
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