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Text for Page 241 [09-22-1860]

        Mrs. Griffin-ex-Gouverneur in town.
scissoring.     Out once to �Nick-nax� office, to get
paid $6 for drawings.            Proof of story sent
up from Paul � the one I wrote just before my
country holiday � that rejected at Harper�s.   At
1.20. off duty and so with a glad heart up
town.  A cool, sunny, lovely day.   At 6 went
to 16th street and found Haney just returned
from Philadelphia, his Boston journey being a
mistake, though he goes thither next week.   Sup-
ped, sitting by Hayes�s father, a hearty, little
elderly Englishman.    Saw Mrs. Theodore Grif-
fin, ex-Gouverneur in the parlor, after supper.
She, with her son Gladdy, (who has grown as tall
as I am), had just come from Niagara, with
indefinite intentions of staying in town throughout
the winter.         Mrs. G. honored me with quite a 
cordially-foolish greeting and immediately began to
inquire if I were going to the Prince of Wales�
ball!             In the Hayes�s apartment with Haney,
having a smoke till 8, then off with Hayes
Junior to the opera.  (I had invited Haney, but
he preferred 745.         Hayes and I called there,
on our way to the Academy, to get opera-glass,
seeing the girls and Jack, and their father,
indisposed on the sofa.)    Met Boweryem in
Broadway, also operatic in intention, though he
didn�t accompany us.     Saw Don Giovanni               
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