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Text for Page 242 [09-22-1860]

	 Thirsty Swallows Singing.
and didn�t care much about it.     Parted
at Union Square and separately home-
wards.     Looking into Shepherd�s room
on my way upstairs, I found only O�Brien
there, stretched out on the sofa, which he had
drawn transversely across the room, read-
ing.    Shepherd himself had come home
drunk at the supper-table, with a companion,
a teacher of music, who sang in the parlor,
at the piano, while Shepherd made love
to Mrs. Ham and anon assisted in car-
rying a clothes-basket into her room.  Sub-
sequently they went out together, returning
at 4 in the morning, when they originated
a most infernal row, singing �When
the swallows� homewards fly,� on the
doorstep, up-stairs and in the bath-room,
whither Mrs. Boley went to remonstrate
with them.     O�Brien was in Shepherd�s
room but sober; he didn�t join them.
  Jones, too, was made inebriated by some
of his companions.    I heard them bringing
him in, at 1 o�clock.        He shares the room
next to mine, with Bradshaw.
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