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Text for Page 005 [09-23-1860]

	The Opera-Tickets.
	September, 1860.
  23.  Sunday.  In doors writing and doing
chores all day till evening, then to Chapin�s,
where I found George Edwards and his wife in
the family pew.      To 745 with them subsequent-
ly.       Knudsen and Haney there and the family.
Stayed till 11.                   It�s a half-sad, half-
funny business about the opera-tickets, I find.
I got �em to oblige people, principally the girls, and
now I very much question if on the few times on
which I retain �em to please other folks � who love
the opera as much as they do � there isn�t a feeling
of dissatisfaction if not of resentment.     I�ve marked
it in Eliza, I�m pretty sure.          There was some
incidental talk to-night about Saturday�s opera,
when Haney turning to Jack in an off-hand man-
ner said, �Oh! you can have the opera-glass for
to-morrow night!� and one of the girls � Sally,
I think � added that wouldn�t be of use, without the
tickets.        I replied very quietly that Jack was
quite welcome to the opera-glass.      When we were
going out the honest fellow asked if the tickets were
engaged, to which I answered, truly, yes.         In
fact there�d been a quiet little arrangement before-
hand, as to somebody�s going.      Sometime back
I frankly told Haney why I�d agreed to do
the �Courier� article, to get the tickets, when he               
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