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Text for Page 006 [09-23-1860]

               Charley�s impending marriage.
he was suggestively mum.     I could see that he
regretted that he hadn�t thought of it; that he
demurred at another fellow�s being able to oblige
the girls in the matter.         Did I ever grudge
his having their good will?
  24.  Monday.  Office, doing �Mail-editor,�
under Stedman�s jurisdiction till 1.20 P. M.
Out once, saw Paul, got $26 for story � 
$3 less than specified price; to printer�s in
Ann St; saw Siddons�, Paul�s editor.       At
�Courier� Office, saw Haney and Smith there.
Up town by 2.          A letter from Hannah await-
ing me.          Charley and Rosa were to be
married on the 19th of this month, in Lon-
don, her father giving my little cousin away.
He, her mother and Henry, �feel sad at her
leaving home.     Naomi is at Neithrop, and
�will return with Rosa.�       She (Naomi) and
Sarah Ann go out together, they have visited
the Davids�.      My Hannah helps Rosa to
do her packing and preparations, will go to
Chigwell to help her; eulogizes her, regrets
her coming departure; �she is a kind friend
and has better sense and judgment than any
girl I have met.�      Sarah Ann and my
sister Rosa go to Chigwell after the wedding
to await the return of the bride and bride-               
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