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Text for Page 007 [09-24-1860]

	Mostly Reportorial.
groom, who make a trip to the sea-side
instead of Paris.     Sarah Ann don�t know
what dress her sister is to be married in � a
dreadful instance of sisterly estrangement!  My
sister Naomi declines a Chacombe visit on Sun-
day for sabbatarian reasons.         These, with
how much of love and trust and hope, consti-
tute the letter.             To Palace Garden, to
the Institute fair, McElrath senior there.
Note-taking.    There again in the evening,
with Bowman.    Other reporters present, Dunn,
a phonographic man on the Herald and Sweet-
zir our night city-editor.     Down-town with Dunn
by 9 �, to office.         In reportorial rooms, try-
ing to write, men talking, singing, laughing,
row going on.    Got horribly ill and nervous,
couldn�t write, removed into editorial rooms
and there did my report by midnight.         Up-
town in the dreary cars, to-bed tired out and
  25.  Tuesday.  To office through the rain,
to �Courier� do., then up-town to Woman�s Li-
brary and Institute Fair.         Should have had
to go to Jones� Wood to witness Coppia�s pa-
per balloon ascent, but a violent hail and
rain-storm absolved me.       Out through it
to send down copy, per 3rd Avenue, then               
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