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Text for Page 010 [09-26-1860]

	Reportorial and Miscellaneous.
room, spite of the talking.    Back by 12.20.
  I have joined the reportorial corps at just
the hardest-working period of the year, but must
not growl about it.
  27.  Thursday.  Office, there till past
noon, then up-town.   In-doors, writing till 5, then
to Palace Garden, calling at 745, for ticket,
and having others for Blondin�s exhibition,
which the girls couldn�t avail themselves of,
�because it was in the daytime,� when they
work.        I saw all of them in the store, smi-
ling and saucy and Sally whispered that to-
day was Somebody�s birthday � little Nast�s.
  Saw Mc. Elrath and others at the fair
again, note-taking &c.        Crossing Washing
ton Square, met W. Leslie (recently return-
ed with his wife from Canada.         His
wife had a nice little estate there, he said.)
He lives now in 9th street, No. 59.      It
was a dull afternoon, of a dull day, promising
rain.        Writing awhile after supper, then
out to the east side of the town to procure three
Republican nominations.        Took �em down, re-
turned in 6th avenue car by 9, had ale 
at the �Optimus� and to bed by midnight.
My Siddons� report was reprinted in to-day�s �He-
ral,� with editorial comment, but without acknowledgment.               
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