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Text for Page 013 [09-29-1860]

	Whitelaw dead!
knew, so I enquired about him, and learnt
that he died in New York, a year or more ago!
Being out fishing, near Hell Gate, he accidental-
ly fell into the water and was nearly drown-
ed, catching such a cold from it that he never
recovered.   Gibson spoke highly of his abilities,
as well he might, and told me of Whitelaw�s
secession from him, to Williams and Stevens,
whom he (Whitelaw) undertook to initiate into
his (Gibson�s) business, getting men away
from him &c.    I had heard Whitelaw�s version,
at the time.              I�m sorry he is dead, for
old acquaintance� sake.         He had marvellous
power with his pencil, and proportionate conceit
of it.       He was the Scotchiest of men in man-
ners, the most suspicious, and at times the
most arbitrary and ill-conditioned.    He pos-
sessed immense capacity for fretting and say-
ing irritating things; socially he inclined to
arbitrariness.       With his rough head of light,
unkempt, indefinite-colored hair, standing
in every direction, his queer, shrewd, ugly
Scotch face, his strong accent and manner,
how familiar his image was once to me �
and here am I, unexpectedly writing his hasty
obituary!    I liked him a good deal once,
might have continued to do so, had it been               
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