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Text for Page 015 [09-29-1860]

	Matty.     Boarding-House Items.
now I�ve hardly time to think about it.
  To 745 in the evening, when the three sisters
were present, with Miss Ann on the sofa, half
asleep, half pretending it.     She roused herself,
however, to comment on Matty�s showing me
a dress which she had ingeniously turned in-
side out and upside down, the pretty girl looking 
rosy and good-humored while doing so.    Matty
almost immediately retired; I talked awhile
with Sally and Eliza, leaving at 10.
  30.  Sunday.  A raw cold day.       In my
room till 4, writing up Gibson business, then
Billington called and stayed to supper.     Talk-
ing with him and some of the womankind in
the parlor subsequent, among them jolly Miss
Trainque, here on a visit.      (Mrs Boley con-
jectures there�s a breach or coolness between the
buxom Cecilia and Phillips.          He owed over
$100 to Mrs B. and his inventions don�t seem
to progress pecuniarily.)    To Chapin�s, met
Billington there on conclusion, up Broadway,
Left him at 745.                The usual Sunday night
company, including the family, Mr & Mrs G.
Edwards, Haney and Honeywell.     The latter
talking to Matty.     Left at 11.
  Shepherd leaves our boarding-house to-mor-
row, for that of some acquaintance.   He has               
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