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Text for Page 016 [09-30-1860]

	�Getty Gay� dead.
been going it very fast during the last week
and confessed to Mrs. Boley that of $100,
recently-received, he had none left.   Probably
it was his salary.       He has come home drunk,
and his cronies have been after him in a 
similar condition.    And Miss �Jenny� has done
the like, sitting in his room waiting in vain
for him.       Boweryem moves into it henceforth.
  �Getty Gay� one of the literary-unfortunate
females and Bohemiennes is dead.         I never
met the woman, but have heard of her often
enough.   She wrote trash for the Sunday papers
and once brought something to the �Pic.�, when
Cahill saw her and proposed using it, paying
for it himself, by way of commencing an inti-
macy with her.    Gayler was said to have
been one of her male �friends� in the Ornitho-
rynchus� time, I have heard that he quarrel-
ed with Wilkins about her.   She was one
of the Allie Vernon stamp, a married woman,
her maiden name Gertrude Louise Valtee,
her married one, Wilmshurst.    Her husband
edits a feeble weekly, entitled the �Traveller,�
in this city; both he and she lived with
�Ada Clare� otherwise Miss Micklehenning �
the fast literary woman.           Shepherd tells me
that the Bohemians had a whispered rumor               
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