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Text for Page 017 [09-30-1860]

	Bohemianism.     Reportorial.
that the affection between these women was
of a Parisian, Sapphic charater � it may
be so, or only a monstrous canard originating
in the depraved minds of such men as Clapp
or O�Brien.      Judging from �Ada��s writings,
one might credit it.            This wretched �Getty�
�quitted this world of care and pain, and
found rest and peace with her Creator� � I
quote the �Traveller� � on the 21st, being
about twenty years old and dying of consump-
tion.      What a life, and what a termination
to it!          Bohemianism! were there no Bohe-
mians in Sodom and Gomorrah, I wonder?
  1.  Monday.  A wet, dreary, wretched
day.     To the office, writing, paragraphing,
condensing & till 1, then up-town.    Dinner
and the last three pages.   Out again and by
5 to report the Board of Aldermen, up-town
by 7 �, supped and at 9 to the Lafarge House,
there to report a supper of the �Veterans� of the Na-
tional Guard.     Down town by omnibus, wrote copy
in the hot, glaring, room, then out into the wet,
clammy, muddy night again, and by omnibus to
Bleecker Street, tired out.         All the night long               
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