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Text for Page 020 [10-03-1860]

	What Sally told me.
and his pretty sister.     In the passage, apart
from the throng at the open door, I encountered
Sally, who immediately began with; �That was
n�t my fault on Sunday night.� �What?�
I asked, guessing well enough. �That I didn�t
come and talk to you.�     Then came an amusing
revelation.   Anne had kept close by Sally�s side,
insisting that Haney should sit on the other, or
in default of him, Eliza.          This was organized
directly I rang at the bell, in spite of Sally�s
protestations and assurances that �it was all
stuff and nonsense,� that we were �only friends�
and hadn�t the slightest idea of being �anything
else.�     Anne declared that it was a regular
flirtation on Sally�s part, that she, Anne,
was my best friend in sparing me future disap-
pointment and unhappiness (!) and that the
business ought to be put a stop to!     On Sally�s
appealing to Haney and asking if he thought
there was anything serious in it, he replied
that he didn�t know and refused to have any-
thing to do in the matter.   �You know he don�t
like such things,� said my informant, adding,
generally of the matter, �Isn�t it ridiculous?
I told them so, but it was of no use � there
was a regular scene and I caught it!�  She
enjoyed it too, by her laughing.  All this oc-               
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