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Text for Page 021 [10-03-1860]

		At 745.
curred �under my nose� on Sunday night.   In
telling me, Sally cautioned me to withdraw up
the passage, beyond the glass-door leading into the
store, as �Anne would be sure to be on the watch.�
Sure enough, Anne made her appearance present-
ly, looking sharp enough.   �Don�t let anybody
know I told you, or I shall catch it!� was
Sally�s parting caution.     Haney was down-
stairs and appeared subsequently.      Went
out with Jack and George Edwards and little
Ned Nichols, to the front of the New York Hotel,
and across Broadway, experiencing some dif-
ficulty in returning, in consequence of the pro-
cession being in full movement.   To the house
again and hither and thither, up and down
stairs.     On the roof, beside Matty, for twenty
minutes or so; then with her to the roof-end of
the block abutting on Eigthth street, where we
found Sally, looking cool and handsome, with
operatic headdress or �cloud,�  conversing with
Mort. Brown, his sister and Eliza.              To us
presently came Rees, from Brooklyn.             Out
into the street again, getting items.      At the
corner of Waverly Place found Nagle and Tom
Picton, with them for half and hour, then
back to the house.    It was near 11 o�clock
and the procession had expended its five miles               
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