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Text for Page 022 [10-03-1860]

	Anne�s �flirtation� with me!
length, and 745 began to thin of its extra-
neous occupants.  In the store, at one end
of the counter, hospitable paterfamilias was
presiding over bread and cheese and ale.  Ha-
ney had gone off with Parton, who had called
for him, preferring a promiscuous view of the
procession to one obtained at the �Tribune� Of-
fice, where Fanny was understood to be seated
in state, probably attended by Mort.       Talked
for a moment with Miss Anne and King
at the portal.     Apropos of Sally�s revelation
I forgot to put down this: �Anne said she
should get up a flirtation with you, last win-
ter, and failed!� said Sally.         (I remember
her dancing with me and the like.)   �She
asked Haney how he thought her flirtation with
Mr. Gunn was coming on, and he didn�t seem
to think there was any!�          Going down-stairs
into the basement for Jack, saw the floor
cleared, the guests sitting round the room, Eliza
at the piano and Sally just commencing a schot-
tische with Rees.     Out with Jack and Pillow:
Jack had been enthusiastically �wide-awake� all
the evening; they left me in the Bowery, to
follow the procession to Union Square, to
which it was now marching I turned my
face down-town-wards, and got to the               
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