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Text for Page 025 [10-04-1860]

	Alf. Waud�s �wife� meets her Husband.
page of report in a newly-painted and poisonous-
ly-smelling room, then uptown again by mid-night
in an empty omnibus.                     From Haney,
at whose office I called to-day, to get the �dorg�-
man�s address, I heard this anecdote.       When
Alf. Waud brought on his �wife� and family from
Boston, before going to Brooklyn, where they at
present reside, he took them to the Jersey City
Hotel, on the other side of the river.       On the
first Sunday morning that she and her children
presented themselves at table, Alf. being absent
(probably at work in New York) on the other
side of it sat Brainard, her husband! whom
she had never set eyes on since her elopement
eight years ago.     It must have been a curious
meeting for both.    He appears to have made
no to-do about it, and she left the hotel next
morning.                       Bowman leaves our
boarding-house to-morrow.   Its inmates have
changed a good deal since I last chronicled
anything about them.   Here�s a hasty sum-up
of the present menagerie.   I shall catalogue down-
wards from my own domain, the attic-world.
Adjoining attic, tenanted by Jones and Bradshaw.
Former a shopman in some Broadway store, Welch
in descent (of course proud of it) talks or reads
Cymbrian, is ignorant, good-humored and said               
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