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Text for Page 026 [10-04-1860]

to have some money.  He �twas who chummed
with Cahill and lost the $15.       Bradshaw
is an ugly widower, something in the legal or
professional way; the Woodward girls boarded
with and didn�t like him at another house;
but the feud is now patched up.   Opposite
attic (my old lair) Rodriguez a Cuban,
shopman in a shoe-store on Broadway, swar-
thy, curly-haired, courteous, takes a siesta
after dinner, when he can get it.    Adjoining
attic, empty, since the departure of Cutler.
Next floor Mrs. Kinne.     Her husband, the
amiable �doctor� went off six weeks ago, on a
travelling-tour, to sell his trusses; since which
time neither his wife or partner have heard any-
thing from him.      The latter is irate and objects
to sending on stock, according to order.  Our
ex-peri fretted a little and was wroth a good
deal, has left off raddling her old face with
rouge, as the women remark.  Adjoining �hall-
bed-room� (where Levison�s corpse lay, when
M�ller took a cast of his face) vacant, Bowery-
em having moved into Shepherd�s old apart-
ments.      The big-back-room, scene of our revels
in Ledger�s time, occupied by two or three
men, the good-humored Griswold, the smiling,
friendly, inventive but rather �soft� Phillips, who               
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