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Text for Page 030 [10-04-1860]

coming and going.       I�ve omitted a certain
Mr. Jewett, an acquaintance of Mrs. Kinne�s,
who sits beside her at dinner, and cackles
considerably in the common-place, oracular
manner peculiar to asses.         He has been in
California, as has also another omission,
chummed, I think, with Rodriguez.      This
is one Lloyd, an abrupt, not prepossing,
slightly-dogged young man, who has something
to do with the publication of a railroad weekly,
about which he once consulted me, pertinent to
my writing for it.      Boweryem knew something
of him in Philadelphia, not to Lloyd�s cre-
dit, he says.               Mrs. Boley is rather out
of luck, just now, talked of hanging out a
red (auctioneer�s) flag if times didn�t improve.
So we wag on in our boarding-house.
  5.  Friday.  Rondell brought up a fellow
artist, Marsden, as I was dressing.     To Of-
fice, then to my �Dorg� man, Butler, at Peck
Slip, in whose cellar I passed the rest of
the morning, till 1 o�clock, taking notes and
witnessing his avocations.    A lowering, mud-
dy day, improving as it progressed.        Met
Calcord, Blondin�s agent on my way up-town.
In doors all the afternoon, mostly scrib-
bling, as I am now � in momentary expec-               
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