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Text for Page 031 [10-05-1860]

	Reportorial and Miscellaneous.
tation of hearing the bell summons me to sup-
per.      Turned out at 9, to get two names of
democratic nominees, on the east side of the town,
and down to the office with them, returning by
omnibus at 11.                  Little Miss Maguire
has gone to Maine, in company with Mrs. Bartow,
presumably to join Miss Waite.   This on the author-
ity of Mrs. Palmer, still an inmate of our house.
There�s a rumor that Miss Maguire is going to
be married to Wilbour, who used to �squire her and
Miss Waite hither.
  6.  Saturday.  Down town to the City Hall
park, to see the fortnightly paying off of the city
scavengers, under Picton�s superintendence.    There
from 10 � till 2, witness a most amusing but
odoriferous scene, which I shall have to do, at
length, in the World.      At Mataran�s subsequent-
ly, wit Picton, I found Alf Waud, S. Eytinge
and another, dining.   Alf. Responded to my recogni-
tion in his ordinary half-cool manner and inqui-
red �what I was doing with the chief of the Know-
Nothings?� which was all that passed.  But for
disinclination to leap conclusions, I�d cut him;
I�ve outlived liking for him.         Up-town per omni-
bus, finding letters from England awaiting
me, one from my mother, one from Bellew.
  Charley was married on the 19th of last               
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