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Text for Page 032 [10-06-1860]

	Charley�s wretched Marriage.
month, from our house in London.     They
objected to solemnizing it at Neithrop.  Naomi
returned from some weeks� stay there, in com-
pany with Sarah Ann and Rosa Bolton,
on the 18th; on the morrow my uncle Bolton
arrived, and Tanner, Charley�s old school-
fellow, who was present at Sam�s wedding.
My mother testifies annoyance at �being made
use of, but not consulted,� doubtless reflecting
that of my sisters who �were not asked to the
ceremony until the last moment� when �Rosa
refused, not having proper clothes to appear in�
Naomi going, in virtue of a white bonnet.     She
and Sarah Ann were bridesmaids, they, with
my uncle and the bride going to Trinity church,
in a fly, Charley and Tanner walking.         Ed-
win and Sam were not present.     The bridal
party returned in less than an hour.           My
father sat at the head of the breakfast-table
looking very ill and sad.    Charley was the
former and quiet; �the love is entirely
on his side� writes my mother �the woman
is heartless� � say Hartleyish perhaps.    Fur-
thermore my mother hopes better of her as a 
wife than sweetheart and pities Sarah Ann
� who deserves it about as much as her sister.
But she has evidently been making common               
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