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Text for Page 033 [10-06-1860]

	News from England.
cause against her sister with mine.     The
�happy couple� went off to Ramsgate, to return
in due time to the house at Chigwell, at pre-
sent in the occupation of Edwin, Rosa and
Sarah Ann.         And that�s Charley�s wedding.
  Bob Gun has passed through London on his
way to Paris, purporting to visit our folks
on his return.        Millicent Mitchell sailed for
Australia on the 1st of last month, so her sel-
fish mother has but one child � I don�t know
which � remaining in England.    Aunt Annie
has two sons, employed by the Great Western rail-
way.     Price is married and in the hat-trade
in Holborn, with his father.   Mine �seems quite
prostrate from the late excitement,� and my
dear mother �lives in constant fear and anxiety.�
So it is at home, not over happy, alas!
  Bellew writes briefly and enthusiastically
on reaching England: �My God! it seems like
Heaven! the people look so honest and kind;
so well-dressed, all classes so well-off and
comfortable ��   He occupies apartments at
Notting Hill, �large garden and flowers all
round &c.�      They had a 26 days� passage.
Perhaps the most striking bit of news in Bel-
lew�s letter is contained in three lines written
inside the envelope, which escaped me until an               
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