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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 034 [10-06-1860]

	          At 745.
hour or so after reading the contents.
�Major Percy met Gun and Cahill together.
Cahill told Percy that he came over here on
speculation.�           To the Institute fair,
to report its closing night, then to 745.   The
sisters present, Matty suffering from an extreme
cold in the eyes, which had confined her to a dark
room previously � the affection either the result
of exposure on the house-top, on the night of the
procession, or on the ferry-boat yesternight,
going to Brooklyn to visit the Rees� family.
She presently retired.       Talking with Eliza
(whom I brought some music for) and Sally.
Mr. Edwards, Jack, and anon Anne and
Mr. Pounds (brother to George�s wife) appeared.
Chaff at and with Anne, Sally abetting.     Anne
is sharpish and shallow, inclined to play school-
mistress, but not ill-natured; Sally don�t like
her, I can see.        When Pounds followed my
example in rising to go, he, in virtue, I sup-
pose, of his demi-relationship, kissed Sally
on the cheek, which Jack (who has strict no-
tions on the osculatory business in connection
with his sisters) rather demurred at, not to
say resented.              Turned into Pfaff�s,
thinking I might find Shepherd.   Only Mullen,
F. Wood, Launt Thompson the sculptor,               
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