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Text for Page 035 [10-06-1860]

	The Bohemians.   Reportorial.
Sears and one Shanley present, the last an
Irishman, not unlike O�Brien.     I sat half-
an-hour drinking with them; the talk was dreary
enough, Phallic, newspaperish and the like.
De Walden came in about midnight, with his
white beard, and laying his gouty leg upon a chair,
treated the party and talked Bohemianish about
Addey�s �Momus� enterprise, scoffing at that ill-
advised ex-bag-man and �the Almighty Newman.�
The Irishman, Shanley, seemed to have some wit
in him; Frank Wood boasting his youth and
depravity, showed odiously, as usual.
  7.  Sunday.  Off, her 8th avenue rail,
Bloomingdale and Manhattanville stage, to Ca-
mansville, there to report the consecration of
a Presbyterian church.     There fifteen minutes,
then to the river-side.   It was a lovely, sunny
autumnal day, the country exceedingly beautiful,
and I intended crossing the Hudson, if feasible
to Fort Lee, to call on Dunn English.        But
there were no boats until I had walked to Man-
hattanville, along the riverside, and there the
only boatman wanted too much for ferriage, so
I returned, as I had come, to New York, by
about 2.      Will Waud came up after dinner
and stayed the afternoon.         Among other things
talked of, he gave me the particulars of his               
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