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Text for Page 036 [10-07-1860]

	Sol Eytinge and Will Waud.
reconciliation with Sol Eytinge, which was
characteristic enough on the part of the latter.
Waud was standing at the portal of Crook
and Duff�s when Sol approached, in com-
pany with Anthony, the engraver, and apparent-
ly �goaded to it by the recollection of his wrongs,�
seized Waud by the coat and began howling
him about in a promiscuous manner.        Sol
was exceedingly drunk and irascible, Anthony
pacifically so.          Waud shook his assailant
off and Sol was borne into the bar-room,
struggling with his friends, among whom was
Mort. Thomson.      Waud waited and walked
about, being unwilling to leave under the im-
putation of avoiding Eytinge.      Presently he
emerged again, when there was another brawl,
Anthony clamorously interposing, informing them
they were both d____d good fellows and insisting
that there should be no fight.         Sol blustered,
and declared that he could lick Waud in ten
minutes, that Waud knew he could lick him,
&c. &c.     At length they were hustled into the
bar-room to drink together, when J. Wood appear-
ed, whom Sol taxed with having received and talk-
ed about a letter from W. Waud, reflecting on
his wife � the immaculate �Allie,� telling Wood that
he was a d____d liar and the like � to which               
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