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Text for Page 037 [10-07-1860]

	An Explanation with Haney.
Wood responded by telling Sol that he was d____d
drunk.         Nothing came of the affair but drink
ing and a reconciliation, as rational as the
quarrel had been.        The others insisted on
Waud�s accompanying them to Hoboken, and he
had to give them the slip surreptitiously.    Since
then, he and Eytinge are as much friends as
ever they were.       Phillips (�January Searle�) has
been insane and under restraint; is now reco-
vered.        To Chapin�s in the evening, being
absolved from going down town by W. Waud�s 
undertaking to leave my �copy� at the office.   All
the girls at church with Jack, Mort Brown
and Honeywell; I didn�t see them till after ser-
vice, when I walked back with Matt and Jack.
At the house till 11, talking with Matty or
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards.     Scarcely a word pas-
sing between myself and Haney, I resolved
on having it out with him, so on leaving, I
bore him company and presently spoke, telling
him he had been suspecting me unjustly about
Sally.    We had a long talk together on our
way to and in his room.      He denied that he
had suspected more than that I was getting
into a false position with the girl.   His esti-
mate of her is not improved I find, though he
says, and no doubt truly, that he strives to be               
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