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Text for Page 038 [10-07-1860]

	Haney isn�t in love (!)
just and fair towards her.     He says the
business is at rest on his part; that if he could
have her for wife at her request to-morrow, he
would not.   He regrets he ever made the offer;
thinks it a mistake altogether; asserts he should
not have done so but for her encouraging it by the
assurance that Nast had got his dismissal.
He spoke more than once of her questioning him
during his suspense and passion, whether Nast
would do? � I think that always occurs to him
in connection with Sally now � it is the turning
point of her character in his opinion.       Further
he supposed I might be exercising a morbid
influence on her!   They were talking about dy-
ing recently when she said she shouldn�t
much mind it.      (I�ve noticed this trait and
always fought against it.)       My part in the
conversation consisted of assurances that the
confidential relations, such as they were, bet-
ween myself and Sally, were in no danger
of resulting in mistake on either side, that
I had been watched and suspected, and that
it the business had first grown out of my
championing Haney�s suit, and that it was
inevitable from accident and circumstance,
the other girls being occasionally unconversible,
whereas by Sally I had always been re-               
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