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Text for Page 040 [10-07-1860]

	�Civil as an orange and
thinking what a bitter estimate this conveyed
of his countrywomen, coming from American
lips.          It is sad for Haney, as I felt;
his undemonstrative nature had in some measure
pushed what he must have felt regarding Sally
into the back-ground of my thoughts.   We have
both misjudged each other in some things; on
my part instance his feelings about the opera-
tickets � he says he only felt hurt at the girls
not asking him to go with them � maybe it was
so, maybe he deceives himself.   No man can
bear to see another higher in the good graces of girls
whom he likes, without a twinge of jealousy.
We parted all the better friends for the expla-
nation, Haney entreating me not to check my
friendly relations with Sally a jot.     I walked
home through the rain, liking him a good deal,
and thinking how all these things would appear
to us in ten years time.                     Haney sus-
pects Sally of �trying it on� with Mort. Brown.
So she has, but Haney don�t know why, or
her estimate of the young New Yorker.   She
set her cap at Honeywell a little, perhaps to
convince Matty, he might be captured.   If Nast
came back, every way improved and as much
in love as ever, she would probably marry
him.        I don�t think I deceive myself in my               
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