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Text for Page 030 [09-13-1849]

              glorious Mercutio (my favourite of the play) � what a very
world has Shakespeare created here. 
  14. Friday. More calls.   Munford�s.   M�Makin, (Editor of Courier)
Dined at French Restaurants. Then to place of embarkation. /      Let
me not forget my visit to Independence Hall, though.   The room in
which the declaration was signed. Statue of Washington with stamp
act under his feet � portraits, of him, full length ones of Lafayette
and Pain. Two old chairs of the period. / 			The
�Burlington� just arrived at 1 � had to wait two hours and a half
ere starting.   The Delaware by sunset. Burdentown. Railroad-
delay, progression and retrogradation, weary work. Amboy.
Arrived at New York at just 2 o�clock in the morning. Ferry.
  15. Saturday }   boat gone of course.   So a bit of a stroll about
Broadway, then went to the deserted Battery and lying down on
a bench with carpetbag for pillow went fast asleep for an hour or
two.	Five o�clock.   Ferry boat and Jersey. Bed till noon. 
Did not stir out the rest of the day.    Re-reading �Peter Simple.�
  16. Sunday.   Sailing about the bay, Communipaw &c all
the morning, with Joe, Wing, Ben Haun &c. In the afternoon
again � West, Wing�s �boss� being with us. To New York
Cemetery � or rather what is to become it.	Returning found
Fred and Edward on the beach.		Reading during the
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