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Text for Page 107 [05-21-1851]

              back part of the way with me.               By Alf�s letter, I learn Brown borrows
money of him.
  22. Thursday.  Drawing all day, a glorious summer one; till evening. Called
at Duane Street, and a walk on the Battery.     Getting back to Robinson Street about
11, while undressing, and after a thunder storm; streams of rain, wide, deep,
broad lightning glare, and thunder so deep and dread that once did I start up aghast
thinking a house near had fallen, struck by the levin bolt .  And midst all of this the
fire bells toll out, and the angry reflection, now paling, now waxing lurid through
the rain-draft proclaim a terrible fire, and near.  So did it prove � a factory in
Duane, on the east side of Broadway was destroyed.
  23. Friday.  Drawing �Castle Williams� on wood all day, all alone; as I sit
now in the evening.     Wrote a letter to Alf Waud, and one to Gleason, to accom
pany the block tomorrow.     Hope he�ll have it.  I think it looks first-rate.
  24  Saturday.  Out, with the two oil paintings under my arm; first to
Duane Street, then to Roberts; then to �Era Office�, pictures greatly glorified.
Picton suggests where to Raffle �em, and volunteers the detail.  Thence to Atlas Office,
more exhibiting. Southworth, �John Smith Junior� writeth a paragraph about them for
to morrows �Atlas.�   To Picayune-Dyspepsia Office, where I saw Woodworth. To
Butlers; � a job to do.   To the Express Office, where I sent the block on to Boston.
To Post Office.  Butlers again.   After dinner, drew on wood; the job complete, with
it to Butlers.  Calls again, �Pic,� bookstore in Nassaw, Genins, old
Greeleys and Strongs. Got job of drawing larger picture on wood, for a forthcoming
New York Illustrated News; the which Strongs projecting, and calculates to lick the
Boston paper. Saw the title.     After supper to Canal Street.   Homer Hall
queer,  with head bandaged and physic taking; wife nursing him. To Picton�s residence
leaving the big Era Volume whilome borrowed.  Then to 12th Street, as invited
by Brotherhead, whom I saw at Bobbett & Edmonds in the afternoon. There till
11, fumigating, moderately imbibing with him, and a young Englishman, an               
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