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Text for Page 041 [10-07-1860]

	something of that complexion.�
estimate of her regard for me.     If I were in
love with her, I should stand a very good
chance, perhaps; as it is, knowing, as she does,
that I don�t love her, she is none of that im-
pressionable temperament to receive damage there-
by.      There�s a little vanity, a certain amount
of liking and a sense of triumphant opposition
over the objectors, in her regard for me.      Mean-
time I must assimilate the grain of truth in
Haney�s suspicions (you can always learn some-
thing from such) and be careful of drifting into
a false position.    How easy I might assume one!
  8.  Monday.  Office.  Out.     Met Gayler and
Joe Harper at Crook and Duffs, the former
slightly offensive, his normal condition � a little
braggart, too, this time.        Anon met Corbin.
To Post-office, then up-town, to 4th street,
the Burton Library sale.      To office again after
dinner, up town in car with Stedman, to his
room in 4th street, then together to the Burton
sale.     Webb of the �Times� there and others. To
supper.   Rondel up and anon Marsden and a 
Frenchman.         Entertained �em with whiskey and
smoke till 8 �, then off to sale again, return-
ing by 10 to write up report.   Down town with it
and up again by midnight.     Weary night-jour-
neys are these and I don�t like �em.               
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