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Text for Page 042 [10-09-1860]

  9.  Tuesday.  Office.  Told by Croly there
was a letter for me in the publishing office;
found one from our head man Spalding,
stating that the pay of �your Reporters was
not equitably adjusted,� that from and
after to-day, myself, Sweetsir and Myers
would �receive $14 weekly, instead of our present
rates,� and requesting a notification if this
wasn�t satisfactory.     Went round to Haney�s
to talk it over, thought I�d stand it; went up
town to a Protestant Evangelical Knowledge
Society where I heard some of the vilest bigotry
ever vented.      Went down-town, thought I�d
throw up �World� business, saw Haney again,
met Damoreau and Stedman, the latter of
whom urged me to see Marble.   Up-town.
To a �Sons of Temperence� meeting of a demi-
Masonic character, in Broome street, where
I found the members in an upper room, of
the queerest approach, drest in regalia, and
where, after I had intruded at one door, I
was bidden to another with a little trap in
it, through which an Irishman surveyed me
and coming out, gave me the scrap of news
I wanted.        Office, up-town, tired.    Out in
the evening to an abortive School-teachers meet-
ing, then to the cursed office again.          Saw               
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