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Text for Page 043 [10-09-1860]

Marble.     Leaning his head on his hand,
by the light of the shaded gas, as if he, too,
found daily journalism anything but �all beer
and skittles, he assured me that not a day,
unavoidable should elapse before I should be put
to the work I�m fit for, and absolved from this
miserable paragraphing.   Mr. Spalding had not
consulted him in the $2 reduction.        Marble hoped
I shouldn�t throw up hastily.     So I said I�d
stand a little more of it and went wearily by
car to my attic-home.
  10.  Wednesday.  Office.  Return, writing
about the coming Prince of Wales.  At 2 to
office, paragraphing wearily in a hot room stink-
ing poisonously of paint.     Up-town by 5, on
the steps of omnibus, crowded with passengers,
tired, nervous, ill and dispirited � got home, 
swore I�d give it up, was going to get Bowery-
em to take a note saying so and declining to-
morrow�s responsibility.    Felt better after sup-
per though and didn�t.      Had to go down town
to office, returning by 11.
  11.  Thursday.  Got up at 6 after very
little sleep, with a wretched headache.   After a
hasty breakfast, into omnibus and to the Bat-
tery, there by boat on board the Harriet
Lane, to report the coming of the Prince to               
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