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Text for Page 044 [10-11-1860]

	A special Task:
New York.     I give its details on the
opposite pages.   The contents of which are
mine barring the descriptions of the prince�s
suite which I had condensed into a few para-
graph.        Sweetsir, our night city-editor,
too, translated the royal visitor�s title into
his travelling one throughout, which involved
alteration of some of the sentences.
  I met Elias Smith of the �N.Y. Times� on
board and talked with Cassell, the pub-
lisher who, mistaking me, I think for Alf
Waud, whom he had met at Washington,
during the visit of the Japanese, addressed
me.       I was introduced and talked awhile
with General Scott, who told me he had met
the Duke of Wellington, when the Allies were
in Paris.          At Amboy, Fontaine and Ander-
son came aboard, having been left behind the
Harriet Lane; Smith and I gave them par-
ticulars.      Our party might have been intro-
duced to the prince, but delayed until it was
too late.    We didn�t care much about it; Ander-
son, a good humored little Irishman, being
most desirous.     The prince is decidedly ricketty
� shaky on the legs; I didn�t put it in the
paper, thinking doing so would be bad taste.
I had plenty of opportunities of seeing him;               
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