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Text for Page 046 [10-11-1860]

	�Wales� in New York City.
found myself standing beside him more
than once; he turned and surveyed our
group, when feeding.     We had a pretty
good meal subsequently.   The firing, music
and excitement didn�t improve my head-
ache.        I got out of Castle Garden
with some difficulty, seeing Wilbour, F.
Leslie and others I knew within, and find-
ing the two Wauds� sketching outside one of 
the lines of soldiers, without the building, Alf
in his normal state of temper.           Making
my way through the squares and lines of
military, occupying the whole of the Battery,
and up Broadway � rather a conspicuous
business, for the sidewalks, trees, house-tops,
windows and every available point of sight
were crowded, hence I had to go up the
road-way which the police kept free � I got
with difficulty to the �World Office,� wrote a
brief article for the evening paper, then up the
Bowery, by car, to Bleecker street.    From
thence, 3.30.       I wrote till 10.30, with
the intermission of our 6 � o�clock meal.
Got Boweryem to take copy down, being very
exhausted and nervous, though I could write
rapidly enough.    The lower part of my spine
felt burning hot.        Went out for ale as an               
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