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Text for Page 108 [05-24-1851]

              engraver. Talk principally national.
  25. Sunday.  Sundries all the morning.   After dinner Dillon came, and together
we take steamboat at the South Ferry for Staten Island; the vessel thronged by holiday
New Yorkers.  Hot sunlight and sea breeze, bright water, rounding the old fort on 
Island, and three parts of an hour passing we have done the six miles and disembark.
Joined by Martin, who in company with other Holtein Boarders had journeyed here.
They quitting him, we three ramble off together; up green eminences from whence
we could see pleasant views of wood and water, through the trees and thickets, down
in hollows delicious in their verdure, where the dog-rose, the sumach, maple and
hickory grew; by little pools, and again out on dusty roads.  Thus till past 4
and then to the shore again, returning by the �opposition� boats, to whom is the credit
due of reducing the prices heretofore charged.     Back about six; and I remained in
during the rest of the evening.
  26. Monday.   Out with the pictures.  To Picayune Office, where I got paid
$2 sketch. To Dispatch and other newspaper offices, to Strongs, to Stringer &
Townsend�s (Stringer has gone to the World�s Fair;)  and in at Andrews. Return
at about 1.   In doors, all the rest of the day, writing, extensively, to my 
mother and �Knay-o-mee.�
  27. Tuesday.  Finishing letter writing, then to Butlers, from thence to
Post Office, with letters and newspapers, then to Atlas and other Nassau St
localities all the rest of the morning.     Afternoon, Strong having sent block
at work, drawing.  Evening to Canal Street, where I found a letter for Alf,
sate awhile with Homer and his wife, then returning through rain, called
in at Duane on Mr Hart, and from thence to Robinson.
  28.  Wednesday.  Drawing, reading, perspiring and splenetic all 
day.   Eugene Sue�s �Mysteries of the People.�    Evening, after calling
at one or two advertising boarding houses � (noyades in the chamber pot, and
impaling with compass-points won�t exterminate the bugs here;) � to the old               
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