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Text for Page 052 [10-12-1860]

	Sally guesses Something.
the prince of course) at home.     Damoreau
came in the evening, agreed to take copy to the
office, on his way home.         Out at 9 with
him, left him on his way to look at the folks
going to the Prince�s ball at the opera-house,
Charley�s wife and children have been here
in N.Y. visiting him; are going to come per-
manently.      His Staten Island adultery is
ended.                  To 745.    Haney, Sally
and Eliza in the basement; Haney cor-
dial as he has been since Sunday night�s
explanation.  We all talked Prince, of
course, anon came in George Edwards &
Anne to help us, the latter fresh from the
Misses Kings, who had gone to the ball.
  I don�t know whether in consequence of a
desire to exhibit his freedom from suspicion
or not, but Haney presently went up stairs
to Mrs Edwards in the work-room, of which
Sally availed herself to beckon to me.   She
had retired to the sofa.     The girl had in-
ferred from Hanney�s manner of late, from
his speaking of me �as he had used to do� that
there had been some kind of an explanation,
correctly fixing the time of it, too.     She said
she had no other information than by inference.
Of course I was catechized shrewdly.      I               
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