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Text for Page 053 [10-12-1860]

	Briggs makes a Mess of It.
told her as much as I ought to.     She pro-
fessed pleasure at the clearing up and reestab-
lishment of old relations, but, I could see, ad-
hered to the impression of �jealousy� and �spite�
on Haney�s part.       She never credited his feeling
for her lasting as it has, though it�s alloyed,
embittered, not unselfish perhaps.   �Didn�t he
think I was getting spooney about you?� asked Sal-
ly, returning to the subject more than once.
  Sally half-regrets that she may have demed
a stronger passion than may be offered to her
again and rebels at Haney�s repression of it �
his undemonstrativeness.    It�s a sad thing.
Both of them want to be dearly-loved of all
things; both rebel at each others individuality.
  Stayed till 11 �, then home and to bed.
  13.  Saturday.  To office and up again.
Marble, Spalding and Grant White went to
the ball last night, but didn�t do a line about 
it, being probably too great men or too lazy.
They got Briggs to write it up and in Croly�s
words, he �funked� and made a mess of it.
Never was there a more meagre, ill-written
half-column of bosh than that of his manufacture
on the subject in question.       Scribbling in my
room part of the afternoon, and writing to Han-
nah.       At 9 o�clock turned out to see the               
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