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Text for Page 056 [10-13-1860]

	Sally�s new Admirer.
in the basement, anon Matty returned, having
parted with her companions at the door.  Anne
appeared also.   Upstairs in the store, looking out
at the procession, Knudsen, Jack and others
there.   Going out to the door, for a better view
found Sally, further down on the steps, Matty
and Honeywell.    Sally told me various confiden
ces about her companion for the evening, on whom
she had been �practising.�    He was a Mr Nichols,
(no relative to our Nyack friend), and unmarried.
She related his remarks and compliments and
had evidently been tenderly leading the man by
the nose towards a fool�s paradise.      When I com-
mented, she was mockingly penitent, but admit-
ted she knew ^|she| would have to pay for it some
day, ��but one must have some amusement!�
As wont, too, she tried a compliment or two
to me, receiving my hint of �practicing!� with
little moues and denials.      She wanted to know
if they�d heard anything of Nast at the �Ill. News�
office, adding, with a look which said I will do
it! though you say what you may � �Father and
mother might like to know!�  We had more con-
fidences, some about Haney.      Neither he nor
Hayes turned up during the evening.          By
midnight the procession drew towards a close
and I left.               
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