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Text for Page 058 [10-15-1860]

	I leave �The World.�
nings the dog and rat celebrity.     Returning
per car with Thomson, in talking of Cahill
he told me the circumstances of Cahill�s domi-
ciliation with him.       Cahill got his board and
$3 per week for work to be done.     Of course he
got heavily in arrears.    Mort stated that Cahill
must be in his debt some $100.      Thus induced
his getting rid of Cahill.   Mort is unquestionably
ignorant of Cahill�s relations with the wet-nurse
provided for Chips� baby, as of his brother suc-
ceding Cahill in said nurses good graces.     Found
Haney in my room, who supped with me, then
went off to the theatre.    I wrote my reports,
sent �em down by a friend of Boweryem�s, oppor-
tunely going that way, and then to bed, tired
and with a burning headache.   A chill, raw
dull day.                        Van Brest the artist
who Hillard introduced me to is dead, cause
they say, drink.          The Tribune has publish-
ed an item to the effect that Colonel Forbes,
being discharged by Garibaldi for complicity
with the ultra-republicans, is raving about Italy
denouncing the hero-cheif and Victor Emanuel
of Sardinia.         Likely enough.
  16.  Tuesday.  Office.  A note from Marble
emancipating me � temporarily I suppose � from
hack-reporting.      To Butler�s cellar at Peck               
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