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Text for Page 059 [10-16-1860]

              The Husband of �Mrs. Potiphar.�
Slip, there spending a doggy hour and a half.
The poor dogs� ears were cut while I was pre-
sent and other canine business transacted.   Up
town by 2 �.    Writing in the afternoon.      Stove
put up � the open grate stove of last winter
around which I�ve known cheery faces which
I miss now.       In the evening to 16th, to Haney�s.
With him and Hayes (whose father and mother
are in Boston) throughout the evening.  We went
out for an hour to the residence of a Mr Hought,
in the 5th avenue, where a sale of pictures and
furniture was to take place on the three following
days.     The man is a millionaire, his wife an 
acknowledged fashionable woman.   The house or
such portion of it as we saw, was handsome,
millionairish and gorgeously furnished, the
pictures detestable, and the proprietor, an el-
derly hardfeatured, baldish man with a mousta-
che walked to and fro among the spectators,
very drunk, smoking a handsome pipe and
objectionably garrulous, talking demi-coarsness
to women.            He has let his house to a club
and his family are in Paris, hence the sale.
In Hayes� room after till near 12.
  17.  Wednesday.  Another doggy morning,
at Harry Jennings�.      This man keeps a
rat-pit and an arena for fighting dogs;               
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